Ms. Gerry is grateful for the opportunities she has received in life and doesn’t take anything for granted. That’s why Ms. Gerry is dedicated to do the right thing. She is for example an ambassadrice for international fair trade and fair wages. Together with companies and organizations, she works on improving supply chains and products. According to her, this is the way in which poverty can be reduced structurally. Ms. Gerry is also goodwill ambassadrice for a number of organizations and is still available for new challenges.

  • She was asked to come to Ireland to open the National Fair Trade campaign – as successor to Sir Bob Geldof. Together with her team she and some famous Irish people brought the importance of fair trade to the Irish public Read more >>
  • Ms. Gerry is the face of the international campaigns, such as Apple’s call to do more for fair ICT.
  • She supports Human Rights Watch and their fundraising activities such as auctions and dinners.
  • Ms Gerry is a goodwill ambassadrice for IBISS. An NGO deployed in the slums of Rio de Janeiro for socially disadvantaged and child soldiers. She organized events with them e.g. at a VMBO school in cooperation with NCDO and Wild Geese.
  • Gerry supports SAMEN, an organization that intermediates between Dutch youth and street children projects in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Other examples are her work for combating poverty, social exclusion and loneliness poverty, social exclusion and loneliness in the Netherlands.