Ms. Gerry is and international successful chairlady of the day (also in German and Dutch). This varies from large symposia to small brainstorms and sessions. For meetings where participants really need to get involved.

Ms. Gerry is unique as chairlady of the day – Ms. Gerry is always appreciated for her unexpected knowledge of subjects and organizations. She knows how to make a meeting effective, to the point and strategic. With Ms. Gerry the participants experience something that is inspiring. She can easily handle various subjects. In preparation of a meeting Ms. Gerry’s ‘Manager’ supports clients in the process and content. Together they ensure that goals are achieved. And of course Ms. Gerry means happiness and creativity. Humor works well and is very important to let participants feel at ease and add value to the discussion. With Ms. Gerry as your chair lady of the day it will be a vivid experience full of laughter. Everyone loves her.