Open the windows!

Ms. Gerry is a sharp chairlady, debate leader, presenter and speaker. She thinks out-of-the-box and is committed to get results. With her personality and her unique ambiguity she gets people and organizations in motion. Participants will become at ease, open themselves and show what is really important to them. Ms. Gerry makes people and organizations reach further!

Chairlady of the day


Looking for humour and professionalism to make your day?

Ms. Gerry has a lot of experience: varying from big symposia to small brainstorms. She has in depth knowledge on a broad range of subjects, gets the audience involved and touches them. She challenges people to participate!



Let her tell your story and surprise people!

Ms. Gerry is one of a kind and knows how to inspire people. She is always well prepared and has in-depth knowledge of the matter. She lets people see things from a different point of view. With Ms. Gerry as a your speaker subjects will come  alive.


Custom made


Ms. Gerry and her team of full service professionals?

My team can arrange everything for you. E.g.: the total organization of conferences, events, workshops and teambuilding sessions. But also more high level consultancy, organizational development, campagnes and more.


About Ms. Gerry

Ms. Gerry is a unique personality with a lot of experience and knowledge on a broad range of subjects. With her vivid appearance she can challenge people to see things from a different point of view. A view that can sometimes change the audience’s perspective.

Ms. Gerry can have a transforming impact for your organization and people. By combining hard and soft skills, and her in-depth knowledge of the matter she is able to get things moving.

A meeting or presentation is usually not the end, but an impuls for activating bigger processes in the organization like change processes, organizational development or team building. Ms. Gerry is strategically strong and remains focused in getting results. The target group is also central in her approach and they will get involved during preparation, implementation and follow-up. Ms. Gerry interacts and lets the audience participate in a way they feel comfortable.

Ms. Gerry = hard work + content + humor!


Gerry met Rood jasje


Gerry zorgde dat iedereen vanuit verschillende werelddelen en sectoren meedeed.

Farah Karimi

Oxfam Novib – Algemeen Directeur

You do remarkable work and you are a warm and delightful person

David Norris

Senator and candidate President of Ireland

Niets dan lof over deze samenwerking!

Jody Cath

SWZ Zorg – Voorzitter Raad van Bestuur


Please contact Ms. Gerry’s ‘manager’ for bookings, appointments and interviews. You can call or email to:



Phone: +31 (0) 6 122 46 763

For more information call:
+31 (0)612246763