Gerry is internationaal ambassadrice voor o.a. eerlijke handelsketens en duurzaamheid. Ze was host van roundtables waar multinationals en NGO’s met elkaar in gesprek gingen (bv. ‘GoodElectronics‘ en de Europese jeugd van ‘makeITfair‘). Gerry was het gezicht van een campagne die Apple opriep om meer te doen aan ‘corporate sustainability’. Ze ondersteunde een actie van Nederlandse studenten richting VSNU en HBO-raad als onderdeel van de Europese campagne ‘procureITfair’. Gerry begeleidde samen met jongeren en het NCDO de oprichting van de Nederlandse ‘Earth Charter Youth Network‘. Ook zet Gerry zich in voor Human Rights Watch.
En Gerry gaat door met haar missie om mensen te inspireren (arm en ook rijk) om hun werk en leven te verbeteren. Daarbij heeft het geven van kansen aan mensen die het minder getroffen hebben haar prioriteit.

  • Wie: Internationale netwerken voor mensenrechten, duurzaamheid en eerlijke handel in ICT, telefonie, koffie, thee, cacao etc.
  • Wanneer: 2008 – nu
  • Waar: Internationaal


Ms. Gerry called upon companies to speed up improving working conditions, at the same time admonishing civil society organisations to keep their calm. She stimulated participants to discover more common ground in their private lives as a stimulation for more professional co-operation. Finally she managed to bring representatives of multinationals and labour activists together in an acrobatic act intended to ‘raise the bar’ with regard to labour standards. It was Ms. Gerry as she is: vivid, humorous and a most serious undertone.

Pauline Overeem, Network Coordinator, GoodElectronics, hosted by SOMO

From the moment I met Ms. Gerry I fell in love with her. She is a powerhouse, radiates positivism and an optimistic energy. She knows about the topic and how to work a crowd. I witnessed how the audience was captivated by her moderation. I am looking forward to the next time!

Boris O. Dittrich, Advocacy Director, Human Rights Watch

I have received nothing but raving reviews about your 3 days hosting from the youth organizations from all over Europe. You have natural charisma, sincere engagement and knowledge on fair trade issues. Before the Round Table you went out of your way to help brainstorming about how we could achieve the best results. I could not have wished for a better and more engaged host of the conference than you!

Ginney Liu, Project Officer, MakeITfair, European Youth Round Table